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Creation of surpluses in housing stock either on rental or ownership basis.
Providing quality and cost effective housing and shelter options to the citizens. especially the vulnerable group and the poor.
Housing and supporting services to be treated as priority and at par with the infrastructure sector.
Guiding urban and rural settlements so that there is planned and balanced growth.
Planning of urban transport to be an integral part of the urban Master Plan.
To generate more employement and achieve skill uprgadation in housing and building activity.
Ensuring that all dwelling units have easy accessibility to basic sanitation facilities and water.
Removing legal, financial and administrative barriers for facilitating access to land, finance and technology.
Using technology for modernising the housing sector to increase efficiency, poroductivity, energy efficiency and quality.
Forging strong partnerships between private, public and cooperative sectors in every sphere of housing and habitat.
Involving women at all levels of decision making and enabling them in formulation and implementation of the housing policies and programmes.
Addressing the special needs of women headed households/ single and working women/women in difficult circumstances.
Protecting and promoting our cultural heritage, architecture and traditional skills.
Establishing a Management Information System in the housing sector to strengthen monitoring of building activity.
Role of State Government

Liberalise the legal and regulatory regime to give a boost to housing and supporting infreasturture.
Promote private sector and cooperatives in undertaing housing constrution.
Define the role of public and private agencies particularly in the infrastructure sector,
Undertake appropriate reforms for easy access to land,
Prepare long term programmes to tackle problems in housing and basic services,
Facilitate training of construction workers by converging other development programmes through Building entres and other agencies.
Promote decentralised production and availability of building material.
empower the local bodies to discharge their responsiblities in regulatory and development functions.

Role of Housing Boards/Corporations/Development Authorities and other public agencies
  Redefine their role for facilitating land assembly and development of infrastructure.
facilititate avaliablity of land, need to move away from direct construction activity.
forge parternships with the private sector.
devise flexible schemes to meet the user's requirement, provide land at concessional rates for housing for he poor.
they should be restructured to eliminate their dependence on budgetary support.
Role of Corporate, Private and Cooperative sectors
  To take the lead role in terms of land assembley, construction and development of amenities.
Emphasis on creation of housing stock on ownership and rental basis.
Corporate sector to be encouraged to provide for housing for staff and to facilititate their employees in acquiring their own houses.
Cooperative Sector to be given preference in allotment of land and house sites to encourage group housing by this sector.