Solar Energy Programmes
Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
Government of India


Solar Thermal Programme
The principal objective of the Solar Thermal Energy Programme being implemented by the Ministry is market development and commercialization of solar thermal systems, such as solar water heaters, solar cookers, solar air heaters/dryers etc. for meeting heat energy requirements for different applications in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors of the country.

Solar Thermal Technologies

Solar Buildings

Solar efficient building design, popularly known as 'Solar Architecture' is essentially a climate responsive architectural concept. By incorporating various innovative features in building designs, the impact of climate both in summer and in winter can be minimized and as a result, the use of electricity or other conventional fuels can be reduced. The country has a large potential for energy conservation in buildings through appropriate use of solar energy. In order to promote solar efficient building designs, a Solar Buildings Programme is being implemented by the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Government of India

Financial Incentives & Fiscal Incentives

Soft Loan Programme on Solar Water Heaters

· Salient Features of Solar Water Heaters
· The Programme for 2002-03 (Notification)
· Terms of Loans under the Bank Scheme
· Eligible Suppliers
· Participating Banks and Area of Operation
· Terms of Loans under the IREDA Scheme

Building Bye-laws (Uttar Pradesh)

Existing Provisions
In Uttar Pradesh, building bye-laws provide for solar active architecture. Installation of solar-assisted structures for encouraging the non-conventional source of energy is exempted from obtaining the sanctions from competent authority in urban areas.

Provisions under Process
The building bye-laws are under revision to make provision of auxiliary Solar Assisted Water Heating System mandatory in certain category of buildings viz. (a) Hospitals & Nursing Homes, (b) Hotels, Lodges and Guest Houses (c) Hostels of schools, Colleges, Training Centres, (d) Barracks of police, (e) Individual residential buildings having more than 300 sq. Mt. plot area, (f) Functional Buildings of Railway Stations and Air-Ports like waiting rooms, retiring rooms, Inspection Bungalow and catering units (g) Community Centres, Banquest Halls, Barat Ghars, Kalyan Mandaps and buildings of similar use.