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Download Instructions HINDI FONT

Welcome to the Download instructions page of Housing Department, Uttar Pradesh.  Some pages in this site do need to have the appropriate font file loaded in the local machine.

So sit back , relax and follow these simple instructions to download the font file and install it.

Click Here to Download - Hindi Font

Steps to be followed :


Click the link "Click here to download Hindi Fonts" 


A message box appears on the screen asking you to give the folder in which the font file is to be downloaded.


Specify the fonts folder in your machine . (This folder will be present in you windows directory , Normally it is "C:\Windows\fonts")


Refresh your page.


Page will start downloading.. Select all and change the font to "Devlys 010", in case the font tool bar is not visible, click - View - Toolbars - Formatting.(In case you have downloaded the MS Word Format file, just work like any other word file by changing the font as stated above)


Click on the browsers back button to return back.